Why ET.Updates?



It all started up one day in 2002, when news about a human cloning operation spread out. The news was like a trauma!! This is when we realized that we did not have a clue about important things happening in the world, we decided to act and ET.Updates was born.

First, it began as newsletters sent to subscribers, then our webpage saw the light in 2004, we kept on growing, searching for news to bring it to you people; we had your support that made us who we are today, we owe you our success and promise you to always keep our mission.


From the beginning we kept our oath to always bring you true news from all around the world. Our goal is to discover the unknown, to enlighten you with the truth helping you in a way to recognize what is real. We had to make you remember that you had a CHOICE; you have that capacity which makes you more intellectual and human. One thing to always keep in mind “The Truth is written in our genes “, freedom connects us in one unbreakable bound. We are united in fighting for the same cause. Thank you for keeping us your choice 🙂

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