What UFOs are teaching us

Why is it that a large portion of the scientific community is hostile to the idea that we are being visited by extraterrestrials ….

…. when it is clear that accepting their existence would be scientifically beneficial and would lead to a major philosophical shift?

Orthodox scientists do not like to be told about UFOs because, for many of them, the interest is nonexistent and such a topic is outside the scope of their methodology. According to them, scientific research must lead to a discourse on nature and must be tangible because science is only concerned with observable and reproducible phenomena. Thus, still according to them, a study that relies solely on testimonies and interpretations of unverifiable observations has more to do with psychology or sociology, and certainly not with science.

This clearly illustrates the level of apathy that exists within the scientific community regarding the subject and is nothing more than an expedient way of rejecting thousands of testimonies related to flying saucers that have shown, time and again, impressive and unexplained capabilities that defy the imagination. The maneuvers executed by these flying objects and described by random observers have proven to be extremely consistent, and have provided a clear and systematic picture of the characteristics that these flying objects display. These vehicles appear to be intelligently and skillfully piloted by their occupants, and very often they execute vertical ascensions at extremely high velocities. Only a minority of cases testify to the presence of non-human occupants in these vehicles.

Moreover, landing marks have been found on the ground as well as alterations of the vegetation at the cellular level, breakdown of cars from a distance, physiological effects on witnesses, and even observations made by highly credible witnesses who stood relatively close to these enigmatic machines.

Those who speak in the name of “official science” argue that no planet in our solar system is inhabited and therefore potential visitors would clearly have to come from a distant planetary system. Furthermore, according to them, the distance that separates us from the closest stars is such that it would make it virtually impossible for us to ever establish a direct contact with any civilization outside of our solar system.

The speeds that our man-made spacecrafts are susceptible to reach is laughable when it comes to the distance to be travelled, and the duration of such a journey would be incompatible with human life expectancy. Thus, the journey could only be a one-way ticket and it would likely spread over several generations or require the use of cryogenic preservation.

Several seemingly insurmountable obstacles would need to be addressed:

There is the problem of carrying the mass of combustible material needed for these crafts to propel themselves in space. However, eye witnesses never reported seeing a trail of combusted material coming out of these UFOs. Instead, these objects always moved silently at very high acceleration only emitting a small light. This is quite a contrast to our slow and noisy rockets that use the principle of kinetic momentum preservation. Indeed, the amount of movement or force of the motion executed by the UFO, which is the product of its mass by its velocity, should theoretically be compensated by an equal and opposite force obtained from the ejection at very high speed of a combustible material stored onboard the ship. This means that the amount of potential kinetic energy to be loaded onboard for an interstellar voyage (or even simply to carry out the observed accelerated motion) is completely incompatible with the approximate size and mass of these UFOs. Witnesses never report seeing a trail of combusted material, and from the given description of the crafts witnessed they appear way too small to store any combustible energy required for an interstellar voyage regardless of the form, including the most exotic forms imaginable such as ’annihilation of matter/anti-matter.

Another issue has to do with the acceleration of these UFOs. Eye witnesses have all observed enormous changes in speed, chaotic trajectories with abrupt changes in direction that would make it impossible for any human to withstand due to our physiology. How could any biological organism survive such brutal conditions?

… and yet there are visitors from outer space who are proving that the journey is definitely possible!

The daily accounts by credible witnesses of extraterrestrial crafts flying in our skies clearly indicate that there is a solution to all the problems mentioned:

Their very presence is a clear sign that they are able to survive the journey at a speed compatible with the distance covered, and that they have an enormous source of energy at their disposal, one that we still struggle conceptualizing within the narrow framework of present-day science.

How is it possible to achieve such a significant acceleration and reach speeds of up to several thousands of miles per second, and even speeds that are near or above the speed of light? What technology and what kind of energy can we use to achieve this, and where can we find it?

The obvious acceleration observed suggests that the living entities in the UFOs are not affected by it. Could it be that each passenger is subjected to the same acceleration field and gravitational flux as the chair they sit on?

This indicates that the beings who visit us know where to harness the needed energy from and they have solved the issue of creating and controlling gravitational fluxes.

If we would conquer anti-gravitation technology and were able to harness the energy from the diffused energetic fields that we bathe in, everything would change.
The accelerations and speeds that could be reached would be considerable (thousands of g). The problems related to physiological resistance at great accelerations would be solved.

But before we get to that point, we will have to radically change the way we look at the structure of both matter and space. The main stumbling block for us today is a conceptual one coupled with a clear ignorance of what the fine structure of matter truly is. The path we will not further elaborate on here is the one that deals with the acceptance of a model of an infinite universe that has a fractal and multi-leveled structure that goes in both the infinitely large and the infinitely small. As above so below.

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