Video – Native American Prophecies, UFO’s And The Coming Of A Messiah

Mr. Creme says that allied to the crop circle activity are the various miraculous and visionary phenomena which are occurring worldwide. He claims that all are produced by the Masters, that “they are signs that we have come to the end of one era and the beginning of a new one, and that the Christ has returned to the world to inaugurate this new cycle. These signs are given to uphold people’s faith and hope in the future and in a spiritual basis to life, to keep them aware that we are in a world which is constantly changing, and that the days of miracles are not over. The miracles of the Bible, for example, and also of earlier times, are being repeated now daily, almost hourly, across the world. These events add up to very definite evidence to humanity that the time is nigh for the appearance of Maitreya, the Christ, openly in the world.”

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