Video – Native American Prophecies, UFO’s And The Coming Of A Messiah

The Hopi also claim a long standing relationship with the UFO extraterrestrials. Chief Dan Katchongva (now deceased) said of the UFOs: “We believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard there.” He connects their presence with the present purification their prophecies have described and with the return of the True White Brother.

UFO researcher Paul Solem, who worked with Katchongva, describes their occupants in this way:

“There is no reason to fear these people. They are like the angels. They come from the planet Venus and they are here only to lend credence to prophecy, not to harm anyone.” He says the saucer people look just like humans, but seem to be of an almost divine quality. They keep their hair cut neatly to the shoulders. Because of their fine qualities and the almost musical tone of their voices, it is difficult to tell male from female.


Since 1975 Benjamin Creme has traveled the world with a unique and singular message — that we are living in an era which will see the return to our everyday lives of highly evolved spiritual teachers. For the next 2,000 years, during the whole age of Aquarius, they will work and live among us, helping us find solutions to our world problems.

He claims this information came to him when he was approached, in 1959, by a spiritual personage whom he calls a Master of Wisdom, one of a group of over 60 Masters who oversee the evolution of our earth. The Master told him that the leader and teacher of this group, whose name is Maitreya, will, in the coming years, begin His mission as World Teacher for the Aquarian Age. He said that Maitreya is the fulfillment of the prophecies of all religions that predict the return of a Teacher in our day, and that not only Maitreya, but about 40 members of His hierarchical group will return along with Him in physical incarnation.

Maitreya’s concern in our modern world is that humanity learn the art of sharing. The present economic disparities that exist between the nations contain, He says, the seeds of a third World War. We must take the steps towards ensuring an adequate livestyle for all of earth’s inhabitants or face the awesome possibility of complete annihilation. If we do successfully make these changes (and He believes that we will), He promises that awaiting us in the future times is an age in which we will begin to express more fully the aspects of Love, Brotherhood, and world unity.

Creme claims that Maitreya has been living in the immigrant section of London since l977, and is quietly spreading His energies into the world until the time when He begins His public mission.

The following ideas are Creme’s commentary on some of the little understood occurrences in our world. Because he is in constant contact with a Master his comments may give us a view of these events from a spiritual perspective.They are offered, not in a dogmatic sense, but simply as possibilities, suggestions for thought, and left to the discrimination of the reader as to their merit and rationality.

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