Video – Native American Prophecies, UFO’s And The Coming Of A Messiah

Before He departed He gave a prophecy — that the cultures He had inspired would eventually fall to the tragedy of greed and war. The temples would be burned, the populations decimated. He warned His people to protect their sacred writings, and promised that He would Himself return to restore order and balance and to open again the pages of the ancient wisdom books. When He left, He traveled East, and it is from the East He promised to return.

Black Elk and Crazy Horse

Black Elk and Crazy Horse were leaders of the Lakota Sioux in the late 1800s when the US was decimating its native populations. Each had a vision of the future.

Black Elk saw that his people, after long years of destitution and death, would loose heart and the sacred hoop of his nation would be broken. But after seven generations he saw a vision of the nation being reunited and becoming part of the greater hoop of all the nations of the earth. At that time a great Prophet from the east would bring a message of hope to all people.

Crazy Horse’s vision also foretold the darkness that would descend on his people. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes and the tragic world wars of the modern era. But after the last war, he saw his people gradually awaken and begin to dance again, this time along with people of all colors, under the Sacred Tree of Life.

The Hopi’s — Waiting for Pahana

In 1948, Thomas Banyacya accepted the task of warning the world of the events foretold in the Hopi prophecies. The Hopi’s, he says, had been instructed to seek a “house of mica” (glass) that would stand on the eastern shore of Turtle Island (the US). The Hopi’s saw the UN building in New York as the house of mica. Beginning in 1949, they sought entry to its assembly to: 1) look for their True White Brother, 2) seek justice for Indian brothers and sisters and good people everywhere, and 3) warn leaders of the coming purification. In 1992 and again in 1993 they were able to deliver their prophecies.

Hopi legend speaks of the Pahana, or the True White Brother, who once lived with the people and would return in the time of Koyaanisquatsi, when the world was beset by fearful troubles and chaos. Then He would unite the broken tribes and reestablish balance and harmony.

Mayan Prophecy

Don Alejandro Oxlaj, a priest and seventh generation medicine man from Guatemala, calls the times we live in as “crucial for our future survival,” and hopes to alert the world to the momentous changes that he says are now occurring. As head of the Quiche Maya Elder Council, representing 21 Mayan regions, he is a wisdom keeper of the Mayan calendar and prophecies. He has received permission from the Council to publish, for the first time in 500 years, the Mayan prophecies.

Hunbatz Men is a Mayan daykeeper, an expert on theological and calendrical systems of the ancient Mayan civilization. He has published sacred teachings that were hidden at the time of the Spanish conquest. He speaks of Kukulcan and Quetzacoatl, not so much in light of an expected return, but rather in terms of the possibility in the coming times for each of us to attain His same exalted stage by treading the path of attaining knowledge.

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