Video – Native American Prophecies, UFO’s And The Coming Of A Messiah

The following article was inspired by a dialogue between three groups of people:

1) researchers into the UFO and crop circle activity, which has drawn increasing attention in recent years,

2) Native Americans, whose prophecies point to the current times as being a critical turning point for humanity, and

3) A growing body of people whose spiritual teachings predict the return of a Great Teacher/Messiah/Buddha/Elder Brother at this time.

Here we attempt to correlate their ideas, postulating that there may be a unifying theme between them, and that many of the ‘unexplainable’ phenomena that are now happening daily in our world — spontaneous healings, weeping and bleeding statues, miracle waters, milk drinking statues, visionary experiences, and extraterrestrial activity — are signs that humankind is on the verge of a tremendous evolutionary advance — one that will be aided by the ‘angels’ and ‘guardians’ who some claim are always with us, protecting our earth and guiding our every step.

Native Prophets of the Americas

Until recent years it has been a controversial step for native leaders to publish their prophecies, but many are now coming forward because the prophecies themselves contain a directive to go out and warn the world when certain signs appear. Signs such as the ‘rain of fire’ and ‘gourd of ashes’ (atomic warfare) and the ‘shaking of the earth’ (earthquakes) are seen as indications that it is time.

There are parallel themes in many of the prophecies:

1) We are entering a time of purification and can expect to witness chaos and destruction in all the kingdoms of nature.

2) It is a time for the reuniting of the races. Barriers of religion and nationality will begin to fall as all people realize their essential unity.

3) We must heal the damage done to Mother Earth, the source of life, and recognize that all living things are endowed with spirit.

4) In the coming times we will see the return of one or more Great Teachers who will guide us into the future.

Quetzalcoatl’s Promise

Through the legends of the native peoples of North and South America, there runs a recurring thread — the tale of a Great White Teacher who came in ancient times to free the people from slavery, war, and human sacrifice. He showed them instead, a way of peace, dignity and brotherhood. He brought prosperity to the poor tribes by introducing agricultural methods and ways of self sufficiency. He renovated their patterns of worship, and taught them a special reverence for Venus, the Morning Star, the object of His daily meditations.

From Alaska to the tip of South America His story can be found. His names were many: Tah-co-pah, the Healer; Ee-me-shee, the Wind God; Chee-zoos, God of the dawn light. Today He is best remembered as Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, or Kukulcan. His image graces the resurrected pyramids and temples throughout these lands. The Prophet was bearded, with long hair, and wore white flowing robes. Wherever He went, He trained 12 disciples to carry on His work after His departure.

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