Video – International Paradism Day on May 1, one of the most important days of the year. (Watch trailer)

Video - International Paradism Day on May 1, one of the most important days of the year. (Watch trailer)
What Is Paradism?

“It’s a new society without work or money,” said Raelian Guide Jarel Aymonier, leader of the Paradism Movement. “For Raelians, the goal of no hunger worldwide, with everyone eating free nutritious food, is doable. “There will also be no homeless people, since everyone will have a free home. Healthcare will also be free.”

Aymonier explained that humans will not work under Paradism.

“Everyone will do what they enjoy while robots do all the work,” he said. There won’t be any money. Giving will replace selling and sharing will replace buying. Love will be our new currency.”

He denies that Paradism is a utopia:

“If made available to all instead of the few who control them, current knowledge and technology, combined with physical resources, would transform this planet into a paradise,” he said.

“There’s no reason to fall into poverty considering the level of technology we have right now,” said spiritual leader Rael, who conceived Paradism. “If robots do all the work and we share the abundance they produce, we can free humanity from the slavery of work and money.”

“It‘s appalling that people are led to believe they have to work hard and prepare the younger generation to work just as hard,” Aymonier said.“ Children need to know they were created to enjoy life, not suffer through it or live in constant fear that they might not have the means to survive.”

May 1 was specifically chosen for International Paradism Day.

“It’s also International Worker’s Day, called Labor Day in many countries,” Jarel said. “That designation was made in 1886 to advocate eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, eight hours for rest. That was then considered utopia, but many live it today. Now it’s time to bring a new dream to humanity and make it happen faster. That new dream is unlimited time for creation, recreation and rest for all. That’s what the Paradism Movement, supported by the Raelian Movement, will advocate on May 1.”

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