Three ancient Manuscripts that suggest Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the distant past

Three ancient Manuscripts that suggest Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the distant past
These three ancient Manuscripts all describe similar stories where beings, possibly misinterpreted as ‘Gods,’ came from the heavens and ruled over the planet for thousands of years.

Is it possible that ‘beings’, misunderstood as ‘Gods’ came to Earth in the distant past, and ruled over the planet for thousands of years?

If intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations did visit our planet in the distant past would we find evidence of their visitation somewhere on Earth today? Well, according to these three ancient texts the most-searched for pieces of evidence are right in front of us and have been here all along, ever since ancient mankind recorded what they had seen thousands of years ago.

Even though mainstream scholars firmly reject this idea millions of people today firmly believe mankind has been visited by beings not from Earth in the distant past. According to some accounts these beings who were referred to as Gods intervened in numerous way in the evolution and development of civilization as we know it and interestingly there are numerous ancient texts that seem to back up this controversial yet popular theory.

The Sumerian King List, the Royal Canon of Turin and the Palermo stone are three extremely important ancient texts that describe a time in history when beings referred to as ‘Gods’ ruled over our planet.

The Ancient Sumerian King List

The Sumerian King list is one of the most interesting ancient texts ever found on our planet as it details with great accuracy the rulers of the ancient Sumerian Civilization. There are more than a dozen of copies of Sumerian King Lists found in Babylon, Susa, and Assyria and the Royal Library of Nineveh from the VII century BC. All of these are believed to originate from one original list believed to have been written during the Third Dynasty of Ur or even earlier.

Three ancient Manuscripts that suggest Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the distant past

However, the best preserved Sumerian King List is called the Weld-Blundell Prism which is a clay cuneiform inscribed vertical prism housed in the Ashmolean Museum.

Written on it is a comprehensive list of all Sumerian kings before and after the great flood. Interestingly it describes Kings who ruled over Earth living for thousands of years.

From the Sumerian King List, we read: “…After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36000 years. 2 kings; they ruled for 64800 years.”

This ancient document describes a time on Earth when unknown beings lived for thousands of years and ruled over the ancient cities of the region. Researchers have not been able to explain why the unique list blends mythical pre-dynastic rulers with historical rulers who are known to have existed and as such have mixed feelings when it comes to the interpretation of the Sumerian King list.

Scholars today have only partially accepted the Sumerian King list suggesting that the lengthy implausible reigns described within the Sumerian King list are nothing more than mythology.

The Turin Royal Canon of the Turin King List


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