Video – Noah’s Ark was a DNA bank? Noah and the Extraterrestrials connection

September, 2000.The Black Sea, Turkey.Marine archaeologist Robert Ballard and his team of underwater scientists discover what appears to be a farmhouse some 330 feet below the surface.Estimates suggest the submerged dwelling to be approximately 7,500 years old.Ballard and other scholars speculated that rising ocean levels could have caused the Mediterranean Sea to burst through a natural dam, creating a flood so great it drowned an estimated 58,000 square miles under 500 feet of water.

But more than finding the ruins of an ancient dwelling, had Ballard actually discovered proof that the biblical story of Noah and the great flood was true? Those villages, of course, weren’t built underwater.So Ballard concluded that the Black Sea, as we know it, was only created some eight 9,000 years ago.That is exactly what we’re talking about with Noah’s Ark and the flood, the same area where all that happened.And in fact, mainstream archeologists know that in the Mediterranean there are over 200 known sunken cities.Those cities, too, were somehow flooded the same time that the Black Sea was flooded.Also written in the book of Genesis, the story of Noah tells how God “saw that the wickedness of man was great ,” and decided to destroy all of creation.Only Noah, his family, and the animals aboard the ark were allowed to survive and repopulate the planet.But is this the whole story? Was Noah selected only for his virtue? Or was there another reason he was chosen to save the planet? The Bible doesn’t tell the whole story.In the late 1940s and early 1950s, a series of ancient texts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a cave located in what is now Israel’s West Bank.Among the ancient writings are various stories not found in the traditional Hebrew Bible.One such story tells of Noah and his strange, miraculous birth.One of the Dead Sea Scrolls is called “The Lamech Scroll.”What is Lamech? Lamech was a shepherd.And one day, Lamech, his woman was pregnant.And he said to her, “This is impossible.I was not here for months.”But his woman with the name Bathenosh swears, “No one touched me.”But Lamech doesn’t believe his wife, Bathenosh, and he goes to his father, which was Methuselah.And Methuselah says to Lamech, “I can’t help you.I don’t understand this.I believe your woman, Bathenosh, “that nobody touched her, and I believe you.What shall I do?”So Methuselah goes to his father, the grandfather now of Lamech.His name is Enoch.Now Enoch tells to Methuselah that the guardians of the sky have made an artificial insemination into the womb of Bathenosh, the wife.And he should accept this child, because this child will be the father of a new human generation.And in the Bible, this is Noah.What if, as the story of Lamech is true and the guardians of the sky described in the story are, in fact, aliens? Does this mean that Noah was the product of an artificial insemination, a genetic experiment performed by extraterrestrials? If so, what was the reason for the great flood? Well, the reason for the flood, and we need to understand this.What it tells us is that Noah was pure in all of his generations.What does that mean? Why would the account, specify “pure in all his generations”? According to the Bible, God sent the flood because of man’s wickedness and corruption.But the flood was actually a means of ridding the Earth of biological imperfections.By using Noah and his family, they could repopulate the planet with a genetically superior species.Part of this human society is, again, genetically backward, closer to the animal.These humans were spread out over the planet.So they said, “We have to mill them all by a great flood, and then we have to restart again.”Another familiar element in the story of Noah involves the collection of animals brought aboard the ark.In the Bible, God commanded Noah to collect two of every kind of living creature–animal, bird and insect.But many biblical scholars and theologians agree that such a task would have been both physically and biologically impossible.Could there be another more scientific explanation? The story of Noah’s Ark is pretty implausible, if you think about it.You have two animals of each creature on planet Earth on a boat.Not only would the boat have to be huge, but how are you going to collect every animal on the planet and put it on that ship? So, could it be possible that Noah’s Ark was once again misunderstood technology, and Noah’s Ark was a dna bank? Could it be a story? Could it be technology somehow gathering up all living things as in a dna bank of some kind? It fits together.Hard to imagine, how that would happen so far back, but if it did happen, it would need to be told as a story, the story of a boat works as an extraterrestrial DNA bank as well.The extraterrestrials need plants and animals and minerals on this planet, too.Just like when we go to Mars or something, we’ll be using what we can use on that planet.So, extraterrestrials coming here would want to do that as well.And if they knew that some cataclysm was coming, they, too, would want to preserve certain kinds of animals and plant life, and create, what we think of as Noah’s Ark.An alien DNA bank? Is there any evidence that such a thing is even possible? In 2008, on the Arctic island of Svalbard, a vault was built to store the seeds of hundreds of thousands of plants in the event of a global catastrophe.Elsewhere, similar efforts are reportedly underway to store animal and human DNA as well.Cutting-edge science or merely history repeating itself? The Frozen Ark Project is a program that was initiated by the London Natural History Museum.What they’ve done is they started to store DNA of endangered species for future generations, for preservation.And, as of today, over a thousand species have been preserved in small little vials.So, the question arises, could it be possible that Noah’s Ark wasn’t necessarily a boat made out of wood, but what if Noah’s Ark was some type of a DNA storage facility that was used in order to preserve all the species on planet Earth? If each species can be held in a tiny vile like this, then it all becomes very logical.And, once again, we have to look at it from a perspective, “What did our ancestors try to describe? What did they witness?”Aliens artificially inseminating humans…Ancient DNA banks…

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