20 famous UFO sightings

20 famous UFO sightingsUFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, have been sighted all across the world. People use these sightings as proof that there is extraterrestrial life on and near Earth. Whether these sightings are actually aircraft from other planets, here are some of the most famous UFO sightings in history.

1. Warden, South Africa, 2000: While traveling a freeway near Warden, South Africa, a police chief is said to have seen a UFO. He described it as a large, orange, oval-shaped light.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1986: Twenty UFOs were spotted in Sao Paulo BRAZIL in 1986, and the military was sent to intercept them. However, when the aircraft arrived on the scene, the UFOs had vanished. It is assumed that the UFOs were actually debris falling from the Soviet space station and entering the atmosphere over BRAZIL.

3. East Germany, 1990: Two personnel working for the nuclear power plant in Griefswald in East Germany spotted a cluster of unidentified moving lights flying over a sensitive area. They documented the sighting with a photograph.

4. Warrenton, South Africa, 1994: A farmer claims he heard sounds of a noisy craft flying at great speeds next to what he deemed to be a ‘mother ship.’

5. Kolkata, India, 2007: Several people were said to have seen fast-moving flying objects that were triangular or spherical in shape. A bright light surrounded the objects as well, forming what appeared to be a halo around them.

6. North Sea, 1970: An American pilot flying with England’s Air Force, the RAF, reportedly took off to follow an unidentified object over the North Sea. Soon after, his communications were severed, and the plane was eventually found on the bottom of the sea. There was no sign of the pilot, and UFO enthusiasts claim he was abducted by aliens.

7. Texas, 1951: A group of professors at Texas Technical College in 1951 reported seeing lights flying in a “V” formation over their heads.

8. Tehran, Iran, 1976: Two fighter jets were said to have their electronic equipment disabled. The Iranian generals point to extraterrestrial beings as the cause for the malfunction. Though this is on record, there is no proof that anything out of the ordinary should have disrupted their electronics.

9. Georgia, 1969: Then Governor of Georgia, former President Jimmy Carter filed a report in 1973 that stated he saw a strange white light in the sky back in 1969.

10. Nevada, 1952: Two high-ranking military officials claimed to have seen three UFOs in the sky above the Carson Desert. They reported the speeds at being faster than any known military aircraft.

11. New Mexico, 1964: A police officer named Lonnie Zamora reported seeing blue and orange flames coming off of a large, doughnut-shaped machine manned by two acid-white creatures. He documented his sighting over police radio, and it gained widespread attention.

12. Australia, 1966: Two-hundred students and teachers reported seeing a large aircraft land in a grassy field and take off over houses in Westall, Australia.

13. Nova Scotia, Canada, 1967: A UFO crashed into Shag Harbor in Nova Scotia in 1967. The Canadian Department of National Defense conducted an investigation, but found nothing. The case remains unsolved.

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