Video: Ancient Giants existed and here is the proof. One of the best Documentaries

There is too much knowledge and discoveries being swept under the carpet in particular by the Smithsonian Institute and anyone can do a search of this and find numerous instances where they have either ridiculed genuine finds and evidence or those that couldn’t be dumbed down in this way were apparently lost when enquiries were made about these finds by eminent archaeologists.

The Smithsonian Institute are very keen to hide many discoveries as it would mean all the books would have to be rewritten and they are very much aware of this – it would also mean academia had it wrong (we can’t have that can we) and they refuse to simply acknowledge that the nature of archaeology is such that as we make new discoveries we need to update with reference to new findings.

But hey, new findings may mean new understandings of who we are and new insights that will have intelligent investigation treating where they don’t want you to tread.
Good thread you will find many in denial as always but thanks for sharing.

It use to be that I always thought Egyptian, and Greek mythology was just that, myth. But through reading and watching different presentations of new discovery, and old that maybe mythology isn’t really myth after all. All the stories of these ancient gods make a lot of sense, after all where in the world would ancient man get these intricate beliefs from? They had to have gotten it from something that existed, there’s too much detail.