Flying Saucers and abductions in the old testament – Part 1

The notion that flying saucers can be inferred when reading certain passages of the Old Testament is not a new one, but, like the Bible itself, it is an inexhaustible subject, meaning we can never know the complete truth of that correlation in spite of how hard we work to understand it all. But Timothy Green Beckley comes to the aid of the curious reader seeking to learn more about this marvelous relationship between miracles many millennia old and the advanced UFO technology we have seen in our skies at least since the 1947 sighting by Kenneth Arnold.

Beckley has recently released an updated edition of the classic “Flying Saucers In The Holy Bible,” which consists mostly of an older work by the Reverend Virginia F. Brasington, who offered flying saucer interpretations of stories from both the Old and New Testaments. This article will concern itself primarily with incidents from the Old Testament.

In his introduction to the new reprint, Beckley discusses the little known Reverend Brasington thusly: “Hers was a relatively obscure manuscript that had been picked up by ‘flying saucer promoter’ Gray Barker and published by his Saucerian Press. Before she became an angel in heaven herself, I met the petite woman while a guest on an all-night talk show hosted by, of all people, the Amazing Randi. The lady minister had set about to promote her work and she so impressed me with what she had uncovered that I later reissued her book in 1982. At the time it was well received, but unfortunately there was only a limited audience for its controversial content. Unlike other more authoritative figures in the same genre, Reverend Brasington touched upon her own fertile ground.”

If you’re wondering just what kind of reverend Virginia Brasington was, Beckley writes that she was licensed as a minister in the State of North Carolina by the Church of the Nazarene. But it is unlikely that many of her fellow clergy members at the time were seeing the Bible quite like she did.

Regular contributor Sean Casteel has long approached the Bible as an historical UFO record.
Regular contributor Sean Casteel has long approached the Bible as an historical UFO record.

For example, Brasington takes up the story of the Pillar of Cloud that guided Moses and the Israelites through the desert.

“In Exodus 14:19-20,” she writes, “we read how the Pillar of Cloud would change position as the circumstances warranted it. It glowed at night and made a light for the whole camp of Israel, but in the daytime it was a thick grey mass that protected them from the hot burning desert sun. In the 20th verse mentioned above, it tells us how when they were engaged in battle, or when the Egyptians drew too near the Israelites, this huge object moved between the enemy and the Israelites and would glow on the side of the Israelites, thus giving them light to perform their camp duties; while on the side of the Egyptians it was dark. It was just as though God put His great big hand between them.”

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