Video: UFO Crash: Top UFO Crash Cases

Four alleged UFO crash cases still remain unsolved today. Ufologists and researchers have tried to find out what really happened in these incidents, but decades after the UFOs have crash landed, there is still not much information that would shed light to the mystery.

Cape Girardeau UFO Crash (1941)

Reverend William Huffman, then a pastor for the Red Star Baptist Church in Missouri, was allegedly summoned to pray over the bodies of crash victims. Huffman revealed to his wife that he was driven to Cape Girardeau around 10 to 15 miles away from town after being called out at around 9PM.
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According to Huffman’s granddaughter, Huffman saw a disc-shaped craft. Inside of the craft were hieroglyphic-like writings. Charlette Mann, who heard the story in 1984 during a family discussion, said her grandfather prayed over non-human bodies who died in the crash.

While recounting her grandfather’s story, Mann said, “There were 3 entities, or non-human people, lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. His understanding was that perhaps that third one was not dead on impact. There had been mention of a ball of fire, yet there was fire around the crash site, but none of the entities had been burned and so father did pray over them, giving them last rites.”

The Roswell UFO Crash (1947)
In July 1947, a large disc-shaped aircraft crashed near Roswell, New MEXICO leaving scattered debris on the ranch where it landed.

According to the Huffington Post, a farmhand contacted the sheriff who later alerted Roswell Army Air Field located nearby.

Major Jesse Marcel was sent to take care of the crash, collecting what was described by witnesses as shiny wreckage.

The Roswell Daily Record published an article titled “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region” on July 8, 1947 after being sent a press release from RAAF’s Public Information Office. But just as the article was published, the story was deflated claiming that the “flying saucer” was a weather balloon.

The Berwyn Mountain Incident (1974)

The Berwyn Mountain Incident is an alleged UFO crash in North Wales. According to witnesses, unusual lights were seen in the sky followed by tremors in the area. British authorities reportedly searched the area within an hour of the crash and then later joined by the Royal Air Force. The search was called off in the afternoon according to accounts when the British failed to find debris from what was believed to have been a crash.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980)

In late December of 1980, an alleged landing of multiple crafts in Rendlesham Forest was reported by military personnel in the area. According to the Telegraph, since the alleged UFO incident did not breach British air defences, the government said there was no need for an investigation.

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