Indian Gods were Aliens

Indian Gods were Aliens. Mahabharata / Ramayana is really fiction? i don’t think Indians imagined it all. they almost always suck at fiction work. indian entertainment rarely has anything original. serials and movies are unoriginal most of the times. unwatchable half the times.

Indians even worship mutated Cows or Buffaloes that have extra legs hanging on neck

Ancient Indians were smart but not smart enough to imagine everything out of thin imagination.

I am almost sure that Indians first came to know correctly about technology when British invaded India.

Before that Ancient Indians were misinterpreting Technology as Magic powers.

Why this shape? doesn’t it look like a black metallic spaceship? possibly Alien Mothership. (ignore flowers) it was called celestial world or heaven by indians. these misinterpreted motherships were at War with each other.

Result was raining fire, explosions, etc. < nobody usually imagine explosions in the sky. Indian Gods were Aliens06Vimanas. if its just fiction work why would anyone go as far as creating blueprints? Indian Gods were Aliens02Really God Shankar and God Ganesh? or Alien with Hybrid Son with Human Woman?

Most Indians think Ganesh God is imaginary and still worship it. wouldn’t that seem like worshiping cartoons? lame.

I think Ganesh God was real Alien Human Hybrid or some Alien Experiment of Transplanting Elephant Head on Human.

If Ganesh was mere product of imagination, it wouldn’t have effect lasting for thousands of years.

God Shankar was probably Anunnaki. and that is not Snake, its likely a life support system and misinterpreted weapon on the left. Indian Gods were Aliens03God Hanuman. looks like a Hybrid between Rhesus Monkey and Man.

But man has 23+23=46 chromosomes and monkey has 24+24=48 chromosomes.

It won’t work unless genes were manipulated by Aliens like fusing 2 chromosomes or something.

The Gada weapon is likely Anti Gravity device allowed him to lift up a whole Mountain. Indian Gods were Aliens04Blue Gods. Krishna and Vishnu.

Where in the world imagination for blue skin came from? and 4 arms?

Well its not weird to think that Aliens would have more arms. and other worldly skin.

Aliens are Master in genetic manipulation after all. any intelligent race would be who has taken control over its evolution.
Indian Gods were Aliens05There is more about Vampire God Kali but this is enough for now.