Is there Alien intelligence in bizarre alignment of bipolar butterfly nebula?

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has uncovered an astounding mystery; the population of beautiful bipolar (“butterfly”) planetary nebula in the Milky Way’s galactic bulge, are all pointing in the same direction! Their axes (plural of axis) are aligned. Astronomers are baffled as to how this can be; this is against all their calculations and previous data.

“This really is a surprising find and, if it holds true, a very important one,” said Bryan Rees of the University of Manchester, co-author of the paper to appear in the journal Monthly Notices of the

Although the butterfly nebulae in the picture above are completely separate and non-interacting and are of various ages, astronomers observed these bipolar nebulae are aligned.

“The alignment we’re seeing for these bipolar nebulae indicates something bizarre about star systems within the central bulge,” said Rees. “For them to line up in the way we see, the star systems that formed these nebulae would have to be rotating perpendicular to the interstellar bipolar butterfly nebula

bipolar butterfly nebula

However, what about the spiritual explanation? Might these very beautiful butterflies, aligned due to electromagnetic polar energies, have a mind boggling, alien intelligence?

Their electromagnetic energies are indeed a part of the universal EM field in which our intelligence resides. Are we sure that giant clouds of charged EM particles do not have a bizarre form of intelligence?

If they are intelligent, perhaps these magnificent butterfly planetary nebulae are dancing together or even communing as their compasses align in utter perfection. To say the least, it is time we expand our perception of intelligence and consciousness.

Diane Tessman - UFO Digest