May 5, 1981: Russian Cosmonaut sees UFO while in orbit aboard Salyut-6 Space Station

Soviet astronaut, Kovalyonok's sketch of the object he saw in <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'><figcaption class=space on May 5, 1981, aboard Salyut. (credit: Michael Hesemann)” src=”” width=”680″ height=”530″ /> Kovalyonok’s sketch of the object he saw in

Vladimir Kovalenok said they had not managed to photograph the object, Interfax reports.

“The Soviet press headlined the event widely. Soviet newspapers and magazines published a lot of articles and messages about it, but they were mostly critical articles. Journalists excluded the existence of the extraterrestrial reason,” Kovalenok was quoted as saying. The astronaut said nobody knows, what happened that day, when he saw the strange object in space. “It was probably a UFO, but it was definitely not mysticism – two people watched it at the same time,” said he.

When on Earth, Kovalenok learned specialists had registered considerable radiation emission the day the astronaut saw the object. “I do not believe it when astronauts say they have never seen anything extraordinary in space,” concluded Kovalenok.

Pravda (Russia), Aug 17, 2004