Close Encounters of the Biblical Kind (Old testament)

What is a Close Encounter?

For edification, here are the categories of close encounters as presented, with some humor, at the 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference:

1.    When you see a flying saucer (disc, cigar, spheroid, what have you), that’s an encounter (close or far) of the first kind.
2.    When you encounter any type of 3-D physical tracings, or remnants, of something apparently not of this world, or this dimension – such as when someone has etched a sketch in your crops or when your cow is mutilated or when you find a piece of chrome off a flying saucer – that’s an encounter of the second kind.
3.    And then when you encounter not only a saucer, or a ship, but you also see the entities who are driving said ship, and they maybe wave at you, and you wave back, that’s an encounter of the third kind.
4.    And if you get invited aboard, or taken aboard, and have experiences therein, that’s an encounter of the fourth kind.
5.    And finally, let’s say you haven’t seen a

  • The Greatest Close Encounter in History, The Exodus

This encounter starts with a conversation from a glowing vehicle on the ground, follows the high-tech  harassment of the reluctant Pharaoh, and Hebrew’s flight from Egypt, Moses’ entry into the vehicle, and then records  the forty year wanderings of the nation of 1 2 3