Video: Samsung admits its gadgets are made by aliens

‘Designed for humans’ maybe, but by humans? Not so much. The latest word to usher forth from Samsung IFA RESPECT (‘Really Extra CCTV video footage that clearly shows the creatures wandering around Samsung’s offices and interacting with its staff.

Samsung refutes the accusations of alien mistreatment, saying that the alliance is mutually beneficial and that “although the details of the agreement will remain undisclosed, aliens are working with Samsung Electronics at the Samsung Lab of their own free will”. Although the arrangement does seem to be causing a few hassles for the humans at the company:

There have been absolutely no alien rights violated. All the working aliens are paid adequately. They work 9am to 5pm, get health insurance with full coverage, and pay taxes. However, there have been reports of them refusing to wear clothes and demanding computers with bigger keyboards.

While Samsung’s marketing team usually has its hands full with directing not-so-IFA 2013, where it is expected to formally announced its much rumoured (and leaked) next innovation — the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Lauren Granger - memeburn