A list of the UFO crashes up to 1992 with recovery information: This research made by the Phoenix foundation

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  • Unknown –   Beaver Oklahoma (ancient crash sight still believed by some to be buried under Sand Hills of Beaver State Park ) Bodies Unknown
  • Unknown –  Steppes Mountains (ancient crash sight..some wreckage  reported recovered in Arch. dig 1956 No Bodies
  • August if 1897 Aurora, MEXICO 4 Bodies
  • Feb 13,1948 Aztec, New MEXICO 12 Bodies
  • July 7,1948 Mexico, so. of Laredo 1 Body
  • 1949 Roswell, New Mexico 1 ET Living

There have been rumors of additional crashes including a controversial report of a South African Mirage jet fighter shooting down a disc over the Kalahari Desert in Botswana on May 7, 1989. There are also reports of a disc crash inChihuahua, Mexico on August 25, 1974 and one in Megas Platanos on September 2, 1990 in central Greece. Few of these reports have been investigated as thoroughly as Roswell, but that does not mean they should be dismissed.

An FBI MEMO from March 22, 1950 alludes to 3 saucers recovered in New Mexico. This memo also states that it was believed that a radar station interferred with the saucers’ control mechanisms causing them to crash. If that is true, then such a discovery would suggest the idea of a weapon that could be used to bring saucers down.

7. In Beaver Oklahoma crash sight (alleged) believed to be the cause or effect of  phenomena known as the “Beaver Sands Portal.” A supposed  dimensional door way to  other  worlds first experienced by native Americans of the area, and then white men starting with Coronado’s Expedition who camped near the sand  dunes. Green light and eerie sensations on the skin  mark this experience, along with a small number of disappearances  in to the Portal spread out over the last 4 centuries.

Here is another file of crashed disks researched by The Phoenix Foundation:

Alleged UFO Crashes

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April 17, 1897 – Aurora, Texas

A mysterious airship is said to have crashed in this town, exploding into many small fragments. Reportedly, the occupant was child-size and greenish, and the craft contained papers covered with heiroglyphics. The pilot’s body is supposed to be buried in the local cemetery. Although the case was widely regarded as a hoax, new investigation brought to light a peculiar alloy that was eventually analyzed by the McDonnell Aircraft Company.

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