A 1957 Sighting that reads like a science fiction adventure

The year is 1957. There have already been a succession of

As the US armed forces deal with UFO activity over the continental US other regions on the globe are in a frantic contest with the weird and threatening presence of unknown aerial activity in South America. October 15, 1957 Antonio Villas Boas of Brazil became the first reported human abductee aboard a UFO having had a sexual encounter with a humanoid entity induced by a type of transdermal ointment that aliens applied to his arm. In Britain on May 20, 1957 Lieutenant Milton Torres flying out of Manston Royal Air Force Base was ordered to intercept a UFO in his F-86D. It seems in the absence of war or economic strife that flying saucers were making an effort to create their own kind of turmoil.

However, in all of this most of the sleepy rural communities of the US remained the ideal environment for many kids to grow up in and enjoy the virtues of the creeks and woods that gave them such memorable playgrounds that would mark some of the last vestiges of a changing world that would give American children less and less of such blissful recreation. In 1 2