Shag Harbour Incident: 43rd Anniversary of UFO Crashing into The Water


October 12, 1796: “A strange Story is going that Fleet of Ships have been Seen in the Air in Some part of the Bay of Fundy. Mr. Darrow is lately from there by Land. I enquired of him. He Says they were Said to be Seen in the New Minas, at one Mr. Ratchford’s, by a Girl, about Sunrise, & that the Girl being frightened, Called out, & two men that were in the House went out and Saw the Same Sight, being 15 Ships and a Man forwards of them with his hand Stretched out.

The Ships made to the Eastward. They were So Near that the people Saw their Sides and ports. The Story did not obtain universal Credit, but Some peo

Brittany W. Verge - Nova News Now