Twin Pyramid hills In Russia ?

This time our pyramids quest takes us to the city of Vladivostok Soviet Pacific (forigens could not reach it during the Soviet Maxim Yakovenko, thinks he may have

The suspected pyramids are located in Nakhodka, which became the primary deep water port in the Russian Far East when Vladivostok was closed off to foreigners between 1950 and 1991. Near the mouth of the Partizanskaya river, two hills display a pyramidal form. They are named Sestra (Sister) and Brat (Brother).
Sestra’s height is 319 metres and resembles the shape of a pyramid. Its neighbour – and literally brother – is named Brat, 2.1 miles NNE from Sestra. Brat resembles a platform pyramid, but this is due to recent
Maxim Yakovenko has organised a series of field expeditions to the pyramids, from 2004 onwards. First of all, he does not believe that Sestra is a pyramid, but a natural hill. Just like the pyramid shaped mountains Faroe Islands Kirvi and Kirviskollur. He does believe that one side, namely that which is directed towards Brat, has been artificially enhanced, as this side of the hill is the only one of its fours sides that has a clear pyramidal shape to it. As to Brat, he argues that this is not constructed like the Egyptian or Mexican pyramids, but that it was in origin a natural hill that was then reshaped to a pyramid form.

The area also known for its UFO sightings as you can see in the video:

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