Who needs a body anyway? Experts are now investigating whether we could one day live as just a BRAIN on far away planets

Man or microchip? James Hughes, a bioethicist at Trinity College, is optimistic about the potential to create a new form of human existence. He said that it doesn't make sense to send food and water into space and that in a very short period of time we will evolve to transfer our consciousness into small and far more durable forms
  • Some experts believe that the human body is outdated and not suited to modern life and the possibility of living further out in the solar system
  • A prototype robot has been created that is controlled by rat brain cells
  • Another expert believes that we could one day transport frozen brains to another planet and then defrost them when we arrive many years later

Scientists are investigating whether or not we could one day live as brains without bodies, far away on another planet.

A number of experts believe that the Professor Kevin Warwick, a cybernetics expert at the University of Reading, believes that the focus on upgrading the body is missing the point and that we should do away with it altogether.

‘The brain is the critical thing,’ he told Vice Magazine’s Becky Ferreira.

‘Even on Earth, the physical body that we’ve got is perhaps not suitable anymore. We could do with something better.’

Warwick has conducted several bizarre experiments, such as having an RFID chip implanted into his arm to ‘become a cyborg’. The chip enabled him to control doors,

In 2002 he received another implant that interacted directly with his nervous system.

The experiment proved successful, and the signal produced was detailed enough that a robot arm developed by Professor Warwick‘s colleague, Dr Peter Kyberd, was able to mimic the actions of Professor Warwick‘s own arm.

Indeed Professor Warwick‘s nervous system was connected to the internet in Columbia University, Professor Warwick‘s wife, with the ultimate aim of one day creating a form of telepathy using the Internet to communicate the signal from afar.

This was also successful in that it resulted in the first direct and purely electr

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