Mars: ‘Catastrophic’ Collision Killed Life on Red Planet

A major ‘catastrophic’ collision may have killed scientists believe that the massive collision perhaps caused by volcanic eruptions or a devastating crash with a Pluto-sized planet, caused the air to shrink and strip away and kill any forms Chris Webster at

Life on Mars existed billions of scientists believe, before a catastrophic collision killed it.

The scientists to believe that it contained oxygen long before the atmosphere on Earth did.

A sample drilled from a Martian sedimentary bedrock was found to contain clay minerals, sulfate minerals, and other chemicals. Minerals, including hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, were also found in rocks picked up by the Curiosity. These are the building blocks of life, NASA scientists say.

Researchers, analyzing the chemicals in the rocks, were able to conclude that the water that helped form these rocks were of a relatively neutral pH. Scientists said the finding could represent another step forward to proving the existen

Perviz Walji - Las Vegas Guardian Express