UFO and Alien matters

Recently, I have been watching a DVD about aliens and the show was a bit discouraging. It amazes me how scientists and researchers say this, they mean, of course, that our present technology of aliens have been in existence many eons before ours, they have been able to create vehicles that can fly faster than the speed of light.

In traversing the wide regions of our universe, they really need to travel on something this fast. It is said that at those speeds faster than the speed of light, although the molecules of deep space? Before any journey, the operators plot their course through advanced computers so that when traveling from one planet in Galaxy A to another planet in Galaxy B, the ship would avoid suns, planets, moons, major asteroids, etc. Smaller space objects such as meteors, rocks and small asteroids, which would number in the millions and are always zipping by in different trajectories, are avoided by the space ship. Naturally, it has to send signals ahead of its path, process them, and then input them so the space ship can turn or alter its flight direction to avoid hitting the objects. These computer systems are so powerful: traveling faster than the speed of light, the space ship should be able to forecast where these small objects will be in thousands or hundred of thousands of kilometers to avoid hitting them.

Will the beings inside feel any of these motions? No. The beings inside won’t feel any motion while traveling inside the space ship because its main propulsion is an anti-matter device. With this device, the occupants inside will be subject to the laws of gravity generated by the device, free from outside influences.

2. Many kinds of aliens

There are aliens and there are aliens. Some look like humans, others are as tall reaching up to 14 feet while some are about 4 feet in height. We have seen illustrations, skeletons, and pictures of them: elongated skulls, big skulls, small bodies, wrap-around eyes, etc. All of them work, live, etc. with one another. There is no discrimination among them.

Now, here is something for you to think about. Old Testament., I find there are less convincing stories in the New Testament, but the point is that aliens do come and visit us. Before, NOW, and in the future.

Let us try to look at things from the perspective of these space beings. Supposing they want to have first-hand information, (not from their monitoring devices and machines,) of what we Earth people think and feel about an issue. What would they do? The would go to the town or city which particularly interests them and mix with the residents of that place. If you were a super-power and you would send in personnel to gather information from another place, who would you send to attract the least attention? If you were going to send them to the Philippines, you would send those who look like Filipinos. If you were interested in Russia, you would send someone who is tall, pale-skinned, lanky, perhaps, who can easily mix with the crowd. If the average height of the people in a certain country is 1.6 meters, the alien leaders will not send a guy who is twice that tall, or who has wrap around eyes, or with an elongated skull. It would be catastrophic.

Not only would their physical characteristics approximate or resemble the natives of the place the space beings are going to land and visit personally, but they would also go there as simple persons, dressed in ordinary and inconspicuous attire; they are not bejeweled in gold and precious stones, carrying sophisticated gadgets nor ride in a stretch limousine. For added security, they don’t travel alone.

As there are many kinds of dogs, dachshunds, Labradors, great Danes, etc., so are there many kinds of aliens and, with our present culture and civilization, we are the mongrels.

3. Aliens cannot do time travel

One of the most fantastic theories I have read or heard about extraterrestrial (E.T.) beings is that they are capable of time travel. Time travel means the entity has the ability to visit the past or go to the future, in his physical manifestation, warts and all. We have to clearly define that when we say time travel, we are referring to the physical body, with or without using a time machine or device, to go to another part in time. We shall call this physical time travel. If the travel is done mentally, or in the spirit or astral form ( which aliens and Earth inhabitants can do), then it is not considered time travel. We call this astral (out-of-body) time travel, or for the most of the population, dreams.

Now you can see that most of the problems scientists face arises when they try to integrate physical time travel with astral or out-of-body time travel. Dreams are a form of astral travel – you can go to the past or visit the future, but your body is still where you left it, lying on bed or propped up in a chair. Some scientists believe that if they can invent a machine that can travel faster than the speed of light, then the occupants of that machine can materially go either forward or back in time. But where did they ever get the idea that space is a variable of time or the speed of light? That the faster you go, the slower time gets?

According to the theory of Einstein, it is said that time is relative. It means that if Observer A was standing on the ground and watched a speeding car go by driven by Driver B, the time kept by the two persons would be different. As the speeding car approaches the speed of light, the time kept by Driver B appears normal for him, but for Observer A, who is keeping his own normal time, the time of Driver B has started to slow down. Relative to A, the time of B has slowed down; so that say after one hour of B’s time, when he gets out of the car, A and B would be surprised to learn that two hours or one day has transpired in A’s time.

That is the theory virtually all scientists subscribe to, today. What really happens is that if rider B travels approaching the speed of light, or many times faster than the speed of light, like flying saucers do, the time kept by Observer A and the time kept by Rider B are the same. In other words, if Rider B blasted off from the Earth at 1:00 p.m. on July 4, 2000 and say, traveled many times faster than the speed of light and reached the star Vega at 1:04, had a 10 minute snack and traveled back to Earth for another 4 minutes, then he would still meet Observer A at 1:18 pm on July 4, 2000.

Now, which theory is more fantastic? That nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and that time slows down when one approaches the speed of light, or my information that time remains constant whatever your speedis?


Jose Antonio Cangco - UFO Digest