Visitor from outer space to be hauled out of Russian lake

A large lump of meteorite - perhaps the biggest - is reported resting in silt some 50 metres from the spot it made an icy hole in the murky lake. Picture: The Siberian Times

The fireball sparked panic as it flew over the Ural Mountains, shattering glass in cities, wounding well over 1,000, amid warnings that ‘doomsday’ had arrived.

Now sizeable chunks of this cosmic guest are to be pulled out of Lake Chebarkul, in Chelyabinsk region, where they fell in February this year. They will give

‘Divers will have to use special equipment. The local authorities will engage professional divers from the regional rescue services and from other specialised organizations.’

Sergei Zakharov, of the geography department of Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, said: ‘We have established jointly with