U.S. UFO Intelligence Leaks? Tough Road for Government

Image: Robert Hastings has interviewed 140 former U.S. military veterans about UFOs, including a case from Ellsworth Air Force Base, pictured. Credit: Wikipedia.

U.S. intelligence leaks involving UFO activity. In UFO-related activities. However, according to the letter, a search for those files was unsuccessful because they were supposedly ‘missing’. Neither Bryant nor I believe that to be the case.

During the same time period in UFO issue quiet are also hampering the UFO information leaks.

    In this type of situation — where active duty Air Force personnel leak information about UFOs near nuclear weapons sites to outsiders — the Pentagon becomes trapped by its own deceptive policy of claiming that UFOs pose no threat to U.S. national security. (It was this official stance — UFOs, even if they exist, are not a threat — that was used to justify the closure of the Roger Marsh - The Huffington Post