National UFO Alert: Six states report 249 June cases

Please report UFO activity to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) at Credits: File illustration.

The National UFO Rating System has been updated for July

Those states with 13 or more reports, the next reporting tier level, are a UFO Alert 4 status: Arizona, 23; Unknown, 74; Other, 73; Disc, 73; Flash, 49; Cylinder, 35; Cigar, 27; Diamond, 21; Boomerang, 20; Bullet/Missile, 16; Blimp, 13; Egg, 13; Cone, 10; Teardrop, 10; Saturn-like, 7; Chevron, 6; and Cross, 3.

The object’s distance from the witness includes: Less than 100 feet, 96 cases; 101 to 500 feet, 106 cases; 501 feet to one mile, 173 cases; over one mile, 172 cases; unknown, 280; and no value stated, 21.

In addition, there were “16 landings, hovering, or takeoffs reported and 1 entity observed.”

The most interesting UFO reports do not necessarily come from high reporting states – but those states with higher numbers do account for some of the most interesting evidence to study. While UFO sightings seem to pop up randomly around the country, this list is meant to offer a small insight into where Americans are filing reports.

Roger Marsh - Examiner