UFO Sightings Investigator Nick Pope Recalls Rendlesham Forest Incident: ‘It’s A Better Case Than Roswell’

UFO investigator Nick Pope discuses the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident.

During an interview, British Pope to Vulture Beat.

From Pope‘s experience, he believes the incident to not only be the most famous case, but also the most valid UFO sightings incident as well, more so even than <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'><figcaption class=UFO investigator Nick Pope discuses the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident.” src=”http://www.etupdates.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/UFO-Sightings-Investigator-Nick-Pope-Recalls-Rendlesham-Forest-Incident-Its-A-Better-Case-Than-Roswell01.jpg” width=”660″ height=”378″ /> UFO investigator Rendlesham Forest incident.

“A UFO was actually seen to land in a forest between two military bases. This was in the U.K., but they were American Pope. “This small triangular craft of some sort came down in a small clearing, and a patrol of security police, who had originally thought a plane had crashed, went out and encountered this weird thing.”

“They saw strange symbols on the side of it that looked a bit like Egyptian hieroglyphs. Then it rose up above the ground very slowly, cleared the treetops, and shot away to the horizon in an instant. Two days later it came back. It didn’t land that time, but it was flying around in the area.”
According to Pope, the UFO sighting has also held serious consequences for the eyewitnesses.

“The witnesses included the deputy base commander. It’s a phenomenal story. Some of the guys now have health issues. There’s talk of a federal lawsuit.”