Paranormal Events Surrounded George Washington Father of our Country

Few people realize that the future of a fledgling nation called America relied upon remarkable supernatural events.

In the bitterly frozen winter of 1777 as the future of the United States hung in the balance, General George Washington, the father of our nation, pondered his dwindling options. His 12,000 man Continental Army was ill equipped, in rags, and starving. His staff officers were contemplating impending surrender. He had just received news that a much needed shipment of supply wagons had probably been turned back by Congress. Valley Forge was the scene of one of the most desperate moments of the American Revolution.

The darkest hour

General Washington sat in a two story house being used as the headquarters for the Continental Army and read the bitter message delivered by a courier horseman, accompanied by Colonel Danforth and French Commander Lafayette, who was suffering from a leg wound, news of a failed shipment did not set well. The war had come to its most desperate juncture. Morale of his beleaguered soldiers was at an all-time low. Would the new nation survive as Washington begged Congress for more appropriations to fund the war effort against the British? Each month the Continental Army was losing 500 men to sickness and exposure. A grim realization was emerging.

An uncanny moment alone

Washington left his command quarters to step out into the cold night and, followed by his horse, kneel down on a place in the snow with his hands clasped together. He prayed to

Valor in battle

At the battle Monongahela River under the command of British General Braddock, a deadly skirmish that occurred from a combined Indian and French ambush decimated the ranks of the English. In the battle the young officer George Washington had two horses shot out from underneath him as British soldiers fell and horse mounted officers were picked off by Indian sharpshooters. Yet, with more than fifteen shots fired at Washington as he tried to re-assemble his troops, the enemy failed to bring him down.  General Braddock, Washington’s superior officer was killed as were reported numbers of soldiers as high as 800 in the course of the surprise attack.

Later it was found that there were four holes in Washington’s uniform coat, and two holes in his hat. In over 200 battles that he participated in Washington was never even scathed!

Former enemy becomes an ally

The Indian Chief there at the battle of Monongahela in 1755 had ordered his rifleman to take out Washington then admitted he had finally ordered his braves to cease fire as this man was being protected by the Great Spirit and was not destined to be die by any bullet. In view of the number of engagements that Washington had fought in, it would seem that this claim was true. The Indian Chief told the discouraged General Washington that he would succeed, that the general of the rag tag Continental Army would become a much remembered leader of a great empire that was to come. Now he inexplicably stood face to face with General Washington in the bitter cold of the night. Suddenly a noise startled Washington and he turned to see what had happened.