Eric Davis, Physicist, Explains Why Scientists Won’t Discuss Their UFO Interests

For a very long time, the scientific community has been wary of studying UFOs, and the
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Science is about open-minded inquiry. You shouldn’t be laughing off people. You should show more deference and respect to them … Scientists need to get back to using the scientific method to

The physicist, who recently won an award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics for his Science Foundation does not accept UFOs as a subject for scientific study.”

It may come as a surprise that many scientists have been interested in UFOs for decades.

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Davis believes that the domain for UFO investigations doesn’t really belong in the hands of scientists.

“It’s the domain of military intelligence,” he suggests. “The fact that [unknown] craft are flying around Earth is not a subject for science — it’s a subject for intelligence-gathering, collection and analysis. That’s because UFOs are not a natural phenomenon, and that’s what science studies.”

Lee Speigel - The Huffington Post