Close encounters with UFO airheads

This is a big month for MEXICO town of

Among the correspondence:

‘Does the MOD believe that aliens exist have made contact with our planet?’ MOD reply: ‘The MOD does not have any expertise in respect of … extra-terrestrial life forms, about which it remains totally open minded. I should add that to date the MOD knows of no evidence which substantiates the existence of these alleged phenomena.’

‘Is the MOD in possession of any non-man made flying machine?’ MOD reply: ‘The answer is no.’

In reply to another: ‘Thank you for your request [regarding] any UFOs or extra-terrestrial designed craft controlled by Homo Sapiens over Grimsby on December 2, 1997 between 01h00 and 05h00. We have no such reports. In addition, we have no knowledge of the existence of any craft of alien design…’

There is enough material in these files to keep world government conspiracists, flying saucer spotters and the I-was-abducted-by-aliens-and-made-to-do-nasty-sexual-stuff happy for ages. None of the trawling William Saunderson-Meyer - Thought Leader