Vikings UFOs and Bigfoot Part V

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Ibn Fadian, who had grown close to the mighty leader. Fadian struggled with the prediction hoping it would merely be a warning more than a reality. Thanks to the Dwarfs, they also knew the location of the Wendol’s redoubt, a series of rocky sea caves on the coast that stood 30 feet or more above the ocean shore.

They knew that in order to strike the Wendol head on at the cave entrances on the inland side would be suicidal and against all odds, but the Somehow Buliwyf knew and recognized the exact location where they would use the fine seal skin ropes they had received from the dwarfs and began the task of ascending the cliffs.

Overcoming fears

Ibn was deathly afraid of heights and with plenty of urging and threats by his Viking counterparts finally climbed the dangerous pathway along a narrow outcropping of rock ledge that brought them to the very Next Buliwyf instructed Ibn to go next, but he was deathly afraid, the Viking leader quickly showed him how it would be done and thrust Fadian out onto the rock face with nothing but certain death below him. As Ibn clung to his rope he was lowered down He smashed his forehead on the way down, but kept from blacking out. Ibn was congratulated by Herger as he let go of the rope about to faint from the danger he had just been exposed to. Next came each Viking one after another with deftness and courage.