New hunt for aliens who “move stars”

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]liens so advanced they use enormous machines to move stars out of their orbits are to be the target of a new hi-tech search for alien Research Network – one Scottish scientist believes that we may find signs of alien Dr Duncan Forgan, from Edinburgh’s Royal Observatory, suggests that we should look for “megastructures” – enormous “mirrors” in Dr Forgan says, in an interview with Yahoo! News.

The huge objects could be detected using the same Dr Forgan says.

The “machines” – looking something like sails millions of miles across – would be used to save civilisations from disaster, and would be built from the rubble of destroyed planets, or from asteroids.

“The structures I’m looking at would be used to move the star if it was approaching something dangerous,” Dr Forgan said. “For example, if the Sun passed through a dense cloud of molecular gas, then the Sun’s magnetic field could collapse, and the implications for life in the Solar System could be dire. If we had the ability to build these structures, then we could nudge the Sun out of harm’s way.”

“The mirror reflects the star’s own radiation and produces thrust, much like a sail produces thrust fr

Rob Waugh - Yahoo! News