Human Breast Milk Is Becoming Really Popular with Adults in China

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to multiple Chinese Lin Jun, a manager of Xinxinyu Household Service Company told Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily. “Quite a few of our clients hire in-house wet nurses to ensure a supply of fresh breast milk on a daily base,” Lin said, adding that “wet nurses rarely raise objections as long as the price is right.” Apparently, most of those who indulge in drinking fresh breast milk are successful adults with high incomes and high-pressure jobs looking for a highly nutritious miracle cure to their health problems.

In some parts of Human Milk Dinner” was ordered to scrap it when furious locals complained it was treating Xinxinyu Household Service Company, in the city of Guangdong, was allegedly one of the companies selling breast milk to adults who could afford it. Wet nurses who provided the milk could earn up to 16,000 yuan ($2,600) a month, with healthy and attractive ones earning even more than that. A spokesperson of the company denied the allegations, claiming they were just malicious gossip aimed at driving the company out of business, but Xinxinyu’s multiple online advertisement stating that the company’s wet nurses can provide services to adults in poor health show otherwise. Xinxinyu Household Service Company has been ordered to suspend its operations and had its business licence revoked, regulators in Shenzen told human breast milk is quite popular among my Southern Metropolis Daily, adding that “only a few people would suck breast milk directly from a wet nurses’ nipples.” He admitted to paying 15,000 yuan to a wet urse and having her stay at his house for a whole month for easy access to the breast milk.

Medical experts say the nutritional value of human breast milk for adults is ridiculously overstated. Wang Xingguo, from the Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, Spooky - Oddity Central