Roswell UFO Crash: 66 Years Of Unanswered Questions

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the last of the 4th of July fireworks have exploded, festivities at MEXICO town forever synonymous with paranormal conspiracies.

In early July 947 — the exact date isn’t known — something fell out of the sky and crashed on a ranch near Roswell, leaving scattered debris. The ranch foreman was the first to see the material and he eventually told the Roswell sheriff, who then alerted the military at nearby Roswell Army Air Field, home of the 509th

The alien bodies were officially explained as misidentifications of crash test dummies used in military experiments.

But each year, all are welcome — skeptics and believers — to join in the Roswell festivities and, of course, to bring in some revenue for the city. While disputes continue between flying saucer skeptics and advocates, Roswell probably won’t lose its stature as the UFO capital of the world anytime soon.

Watch this 013 Roswell UFO Festival promo:

The schedule for the UFO festival indicates that, among the many activities, you can be shown how to “build an alien hat to ward off the aliens from scanning your brain!” A useful enough tool.

Many speakers will offer their take on subjects as diverse as: