MoD Files Aliens are not Terrorists and not Ultimate Evil

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the MoD files are opened, we hear that

If the aliens come from many different sources and worlds in our skies, why are they not at war with each other? How can beings of light and beings of darkness exist at peace, in the skies of one small planet? I know there are reports of wars and dust-ups between different groups of aliens but there is no proof. These rumors come and go, probably meant to give fame to whatever “expert” is reporting it.  I tend to be wary of the science fiction-like war stories which are spun. The facts point to all of the UFO occupants in our skies being reasonably peaceful with each other and with us.

Abductions are considered a “minus” for the aliens’ good behavior but in fact, the utter fear of such a strange experience seems to be the biggest harm-done. Abductees are returned to their lives; remembering their experience can be a lemon or lemonade. The tales of people disappearing permanently due to aliens are like the rumors of alien wars.  I have not read a single detailed, documented case of a missing person which is connected to a UFO or something similar. There is of course the innuendo which leads us to a state of fear, but is there evidence?

There is a video of two girls, about ages six and eight, who began to scream when a loveable little dachshund approaches them to be patted. The little dog backs up as the girls scream as if their lives depend on it. When the girls quiet down, the little dog approaches them again, tail wagging, and the girls began their high pitched, desperate screams again as they plaster themselves against a garage wall in utter fear.  The same happens when coming face to face with aliens – for some humans. Others of us might keep it together better and actually turn the experience into a positive as the 1 2