Video: A Politician Claims To Have Sex Sessions With Aliens Inside A UFO That Orbits Earth

Sex sessions between Labour politician and alien four times a year in a UFO that is orbiting the Earth resulted to a child named Zarka. This is the claim made by Simon Parkes of Whitby Town Council saying that he has extra-terrestrial mistress. He named her the Cat Queen.

The story of 53-year-old Parkes, who is a driving instructor from North Yorkshire, was featured on a local channel documentary titled “Confessions of An Alien Abductee.” Parkes talked about his meetings with extra-terrestrial lover in Channel 4 documentary.

Parkes said that he is taken up to a UFO orbiting the Earth by his alien mistress. They do this by holding the hands of his ET mistress. After saying he is ready to be taken up to a UFO, he then undergoes some alien technology that even him can’t figure out. Last thing he knows, he is already in the aircraft.

Parkes claimed that his wife already know about his affair with the alien. He said his wife was furious after learning he has a mistress. However, Parkes did not have guilt in him since his lover is from another planet.

He maintained that aliens have been in touch with him since he was still a baby because his mother is a 9 feet tall green aliens with 8 fingers. Parkes added that he has been monitored by aliens to protect him from any harm.