Angels Were ETS

[dropcap]Winged[/dropcap] creatures…Carrying messages from the heavens.Unearthly guardians, entrusted to both observe and protect.Powerful warriors, bringing about everything from plague to peace.But are angels merely the product of mankind’s imagination…Or do they really exist? If so, where do they come from? When angels appear, they begin to do things that defy our laws of physics.Probably they did not have any wings.It was ancient man’s way of saying, they had the power of flight.Are angels really supernatural beings from heaven, or something more? They were actually misinterpreted flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials who visited earth a long, long time ago.

If so, might angels really be travelers visiting the earth from distant planets? According to a Nielsen survey taken in 2010, nearly 70% of Americans believe in their existence.But what are they? Winged visitors from God, as depicted in the Bible? Smiling cherubs who peer down at us from billowing clouds? Or something much, much more? The concept of angels is obviously very widespread, and certainly in American culture.

Angels Were ETS01And you find it also in Latin, Greek, Babylonian cultures.When we think of angels, we immediately think to the Bible, but when you go onto the Internet, when you read books, you will find that people have visitations of angels every single day.In the Hebrew Bible‘s book of genesis, angels first appear as divine beings sent to earth as messengers of God.They wanted to have God interacting with the human beings, but it seemed somewhat undignified to have God directly operating, and so he sent messengers.
The word angel is a mistranslation.In Hebrew, the word for angel is malach.However, the correct translation is not angel at all, but it is, in fact, “messenger.”In Greek, the word angelos is not angel.
It is intermediary, middleman.And so what do we have in these stories? We have these intermediaries, these messengers, bringing information from God.By definition,angels are otherworldly.Angels are extraterrestrial. They’re not from this planet.So really, by definition, ets and angels are the same.Now our modern conception of ets have changed.But go back thousands and thousands of years when angels lived among our biblical ancestors.They didn’t call them ets.They called them angels, but they knew they were not of this world, not of this planet.But could these so-called messengers of God have served another function? One not so benevolent or benign?

Angels Were ETS02According to the book of Enoch, the so-called lost biblical text that was rediscovered among the dead sea scrolls in the late 1940s, the first angels to arrive on earth were the fallen angels.It was on mount Hermon that angels came down from the heavens… fallen angels… to inhabit earth.They were trying to assume power.And because of that, they were cast out from heaven and cast down to earth.Now, this sounds more of a mutiny story where extraterrestrials arrived here, and there was a type of rift, and so, they split into two different factions.And the faction that split off is what today is referred to as the fallen angels.Enoch was a believer in angels, fallen angels, visitations, but everything he put in his scriptures seemed to imply extraterrestrial visitation.From craft that he saw, to mountainsides that they would land, to them taking him around and telling him things.Both in the book of Enoch and in the Hebrew Bible, the fallen angels act in direct opposition to God‘s will by interbreeding with humans.In genesis 6, it talks about the sons of gods…gods plural… mating with the daughters of men.And there was a certain evil connotation to it.How can angels have sex? Enoch describes of it.Some of the extraterrestrials stood on earth.They had sex with some of our girls.That is what is written down in Enoch.It’s not my invention.Enoch never calls them gods.He calls them guardian of the skies, or watchmen.According to ancient texts, the fallen angels not only physically mated with the women of earth, they produced offspring…

Angels Were ETS03The Nephilim, a race of giants, similar to those portrayed in the story of David and Goliath.But the use of the term “giants” is misleading.The term refers not to the Nephilim‘s physical size, but to their almost superhuman ability.Were they giants or is that the wrong word, and the correct word should be extraterrestrial? Because then, makes more sense, because so far, we have not seen an original fossil of a giant bone.But if, fallen angels were really extraterrestrials that first arrived in the middle east, wouldn’t they have also appeared elsewhere in the world? For proof, researchers  point to thousands of carvings and other depictions of winged guardians, strange creatures and other half-man and half-beasts that commonly appear on ancient walls and artifacts.There is such an enormous amount of evidence to suggest that angels are not something which christianity invented, but that they were somehow physically present in all civilizations.

Ancient cultures that depicted the gods as winged creatures are the Sumerians, the Babylonians, certainly the Egyptians.
All of these civilizations had symbols where there may have been a winged disc, or there may have been what we would call today probably a ufo.

Angels Were ETS04They were just letting us know that these beings flew.In the middle east in particular, there were depictions of supernatural beings with wings… the demons of Mesopotamia; Pazuzu, which had the head of a lion and the body of a human and the wings of a locust.They were primarily soldiers of the higher gods, servants of the higher gods.The higher gods depended on these messengers.They would run back and forth and gather information.The Bible may be the most thoroughly documented account of extraterrestrial contact ever in written history here on earth.