Petition asks ETs to disclose their presence

[dropcap]There[/dropcap] have been a lot of petitions to ask the government to disclose what they know about UFOs and ETs visiting earth, but one man has decided to go to the source and petition the ETs directly.

The petition is described as a “worldwide petition to show the ET’s we really want disclosure,” and has been posted on, a petitioning website that allows the public to gather signatures to send to the organization they are petitioning to demonstrate public support. In this case, the petition says it will be sent to “Extraterrestrials.”

The petition was created by Maarten Horst of Aagtekerke, Netherlands. It states that, “If we all stand tall and tell the ET’s we want them to disclose themselves and we mean business then it will happen.”

The magic number of signatures needed for the petition to be successful is listed as 111,111, of which 1,823 have been obtained as of the writing of this story.

Apparently, Mr. Horst also has some insight into the inner-workings of a galactic federation of extraterrestrials. He says, “The Galactic Federation is very sensitive in certain things. They want to be careful and not create a shock for the majority when disclosure happens.”

Horst notes that we live in a “military world,” and believes that many have been brainwashed by the meddling mainstream media. In order to alleviate this problem, Horst has a suggestion for the ETs:

We urge all intelligent and loving life from outside the earth to Intervene and use whatever force necessary to arrest anyone who opposes the new era of peace and first contact. We know of your law of non-interference, but now, we, the earth-humans demand that you take action and free us from the daily lies and show you are here. From now on we want to walk beside you in love.  We are longing to meet you and live in peace. (sic)

If you want to sign the petition to help let the ETs know humans are serious about disclosure, you can find it by clicking here.

Alejandro Rojas - OpenMinds