Video: UFOs Are Flying Near the NASA’s ISS Every Day

[dropcap]The [/dropcap]first couple of months of the year 013 are filled with reports about UFO sightings from different parts of the world. NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) is among those areas that cause a stir in the UFO community.

One notable report about UFO sightings around ISS is from the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring. According to his report, mysterious objects can be seen on NASA Live feed nearly every day. These strange objects sometimes come near to the ISS and there are times that they pass by the space station.

Mr Waring said the speed of the UFOs sometimes match to the ISS when far away but there are times they pass by the space station’s cam. He further reported that colourful discs are also spotted flying in the sky with dark orange, yellow and green colours.

In the first month of 013, a YouTube user had uploaded series of videos showing UFOs flying near the space station. These UFOs are cylindrical in shape and in some videos they are moving way faster than the celestial object. The popular YouTube videos were uploaded by Streetcap1. The uploader also included different photographs in the videos.