Video: Karelian Village Residents In Russia Plagued By UFOs In 2013 – Preparing Appeal To The United Nations?!

[dropcap]Patience[/dropcap] people Karelian village Vedlozero running out. Villagers preparing an appeal to the UN to demand once and for all find out what’s going on in their own spaces.

The fact that nearly a hundred years the village attacked the unidentified flying objects. According to the testimony of local residents, there arrive whole squadron. UFOlogists are inconclusive, and balls of fire continue to line up in geometric shapes over the heads of the peasants.

Background: Pryazha region of Karelia is a lake Vedlozero. These places are far away from the civilization, but popular to this day. All thanks to the occasion, in 1928, overturned Shuknavolok village life, which was near the lake.

Then all the people watched the silent flight of a cylindrical body length of about 10 meters, on a sloping path. According to witnesses, the tail section of the object were beaten out sparks and flames crept reddish.

In 1988, an expedition of Petrozavodsk State University met with the sole surviving witness to the event. He confirmed all previously known, and once again told a UFO, hiding behind the island Chiyraako, judging by the sound, broke the ice and fell into the water. And the presence of a large object on the bottom of the residents noted for decades, since it is difficult to catch fish.

The most surprising thing was to happen later. When the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and hamlets were to meet on the bank of Vedlozero strange creature with a large head, growing a little more than a meter and a person who is “all closed strands, hair-like.” His body was thin and thin, “slim handles reach the ground, and the legs were short.”

Stories about the meeting with the substance did not cause hundreds of residents perplexities. He was seen not only individual observers, but also groups of ten people. As a general rule, seeing people being dive into the water, so it was nicknamed the “water.”

After that, these places are often marked anomalies. For example, in 1932, went down to the village Shuknavolok dense cloud of dark color. When it is gone, the land remained a substance similar to jelly. His peasants gathered in a bottle, and then used as a medicine.

And in the not so far in 1987 Fedorov wife saw Vedlozero four-ring-glow, and roughly the same place as described by a body falling in 1939.

Now, in the countryside around Shuknavolok observed interference of television broadcasting. But in neighboring territories, range from 5 miles – no interference there.

At the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century, divers explored the lake enthusiasts. But the search was hampered too muddy water and the complete absence of reference points, as the island itself Chiyraako by that time almost collapsed. However, the search have not been in vain – at the bottom was found a mysterious formation that looks reminiscent of lava. [Translated]