UFO emerges from Mount Shasta Portal

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] an exclusive interview streamed live over YouTube on April 3, 013, author Brian Wallenstein gave first-person testimony to observing a series of spacecraft emerge from a portal in northern California over a three hour period. One of the objects was described as condensing through the fundamental states of matter while suspended in the air over a mountain meadow.

“It changed from almost glass to a coffee-and-cream color. And when it became solid, it was the shape of a spacecraft,” the long-time local resident explained. His local community’s contacts with UFOs and Bigfoot are chronicled in “Mount Shasta Sightings,” a highly-anticipated 625-page volume featured in a pre-publication interview that appeared in the Los Angeles Times’ Column One.

Ski Lodge Visitors

“They’re all staring at us. And we’re staring at them, with their big beautiful eyes and their awful stink.”

The mountain’s Old Ski Bowl reportedly staged one encounter between a family of Bigfoot and a group of friends during Thanksgiving in 1987. “A lot of people really wanted me to put a lot of Bigfoot information in this book,” the author explained.

The mountain encounter evoked some strong feelings. “It was frightening,” he stated while emphasizing how the incident was “not what most people would think a Bigfoot sighting would be.”

“It was Thanksgiving of 1987. We’d all finished having thanksgiving dinner at my house and we decided to go up to the Old Ski Bowl at the end of Everett Memorial Highway.

“It was a fairly clear evening. It was chilly. There was snow on the ground. You park your car down below and walk up these spiral switchbacks to the top. There were a couple of picnic tables and a ski lodge up there.

“We were all walking in a line. I was on the far left.

“We got the most foul stench of musk. I mean, it was overwhelming.

“We kept walking closer. The door on the old ski lodge opened up.”

The steel door was seven feet tall and according to Brian Wallenstein, when it opened a being emerged who was “exactly the same height as the door.”

“His eyes were amber-colored.”

A female followed him and a juvenile followed her.

“It tenaciously hung on to her leg,” he recalled.

Click here to watch “Mt. Shasta Sightings with Brian Wallenstein on UFOPM,” an exclusive interview with host Jon Kelly featuring challenging testimony to a community’s encounters with advanced civilizations and giant hominids on YouTube’s “SecretMessageTV.”


The author’s bio describes a “deep interest in Native American mythology, archeology, ancient ruins and the UFO connection” that led Brian Wallenstein to devote his life to exploring humanity’s connections to “off-world origins.”

“It seems most sciences from Theology to Psychology all embrace the quest of finding an intrinsic connection to our genuine origins, so humanity can base their lives on some premise that has a grounded and tangible spiritual premise that can be put into practice that renders itself an applied science.”

Regarding this volume concerning UFOs and other mysteries surrounding Mount Shasta, the author has stated how it “synthesizes the local phenomena to the larger pattern existing on our planet that can only arrive at the startling conclusion: that we are not alone and that the seeming agenda of these mysterious friends is one of helping planet earth’s children remember their origins.”

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“It was frightening,” he stated while emphasizing how the incident was “not what most people would think a Bigfoot sighting would be.”

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