The Obama administration’s startling UFO connections

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are unaware of the prevalence of this subject among those close to Obama, you should find this article very intriguing. Now, I have no knowledge of Obama actually having ridden on a UFO, or communicating with Extraterrestrials. Honestly, there are no indications that he has any interest in the subject whatsoever. However, his chosen Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the man in charge of his transition into the White House, John Podesta, have shown great interest.
Transition Project chairman, John Podesta

Let’s start with the most vocal of the two. John Podesta served on Bill Clinton’s staff from 1993 until Clinton left office. Podesta’s final position was as Clinton’s Chief of Staff. He is now advising the Obama administration as well. He has remained influential in politics as the Founder and President of a respected liberal think tank called the Center for American Progress.

It has always been known that Podesta is a big sci-fi buff. He made headlines during his tenure in the White House when he had an X-files themed birthday party. He was especially keen on that series. For a man at his level to have an interest in sci-fi is not that unusual. However, to speak at a press conference at the National Press Club, and ask the government to release its secret files on UFOs so that scientists can determine the nature of the phenomena can justifiably be called startling.

In 2002, the Coalition for the Freedom of Information headed by journalist Leslie Kean, along with the Sci Fi channel, held a press conference at the National Press Club to address the issue of secrecy regarding the subject of UFOs. At that meeting Podesta stated, “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old, and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.” He made this comment in front of many major media representatives in attendance. The video can be seen below.

Freedom of information was a major concern for the Clinton administration. In fact, Podesta was in charge of a project to declassify millions of government documents. Did Podesta not find the UFO documents he was looking for in those stacks of declassified files? We do know that Podesta was not alone in the Clinton White House when it came to searching for the truth behind the UFO mystery.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

Files retrieved in Freedom of Information Act Requests submitted by researcher Grant Cameron of contained two letters from the mid-nineties regarding correspondence between Laurance Rockefeller and President Clinton’s Science and Technology advisor, John Gibbons. The letters were regarding Hillary Clinton’s assistance with Rockefeller’s initiative to release UFO information to the public in 1995 and ‘96.
Laurance Rockefeller fights for UFO disclosure

Laurance Rockefeller, one of the Rockefeller heirs, worked diligently during Clinton’s administration to fund research in UFOs, and to get official government information released. Laurance, who passed in 2004, was by no means a black sheep of the powerful Rockefeller family. He held a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, and was the founding trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for forty-two years. He was a venture capitalist who was involved with among other things, the rise of the computer era. He helped shape history, and now he wanted the public to be informed about UFOs and was seeking Hillary Clinton’s advice on how to present this to the President.


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