The UFO-FBI mystery

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] Federal Bureau of Investigation broke its silence about a memo, dated March 22, 1950, addressed to FBI Director J. Edgar


How to Build an Artificial Womb

[dropcap]Artificial wombs[/dropcap] are a staple of science fiction, but could we really build one? As time passes, we’re inching closer and

Europe & Russia

170 UFO Sightings in Iceland

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] chair of the Association of UFO Enthusiasts in Iceland, Magnús Skarphéðinsson, told RÚV on Monday that he has registered 170


Video: Sirius – The Movie

[dropcap]We[/dropcap] are definitely not alone in the Universe… nor here on Planet Earth. Sirius is an important documentary from Emmy award

Europe & Russia

Video: Scientists searching for ET

[dropcap]Researchers[/dropcap] from fifteen UK research institutions have teamed up to search for extraterrestrial life. And a UFO encounter in Australia is