Theism, Mystic Atheism, and Disenlightenment

[dropcap]Life[/dropcap] is full of different paradox. This time we will discuss four main ideas: Theism, mystic, atheism, and humanity. Which one is the best? Or should we combine them?

Theism: A mystical one who accuses the other group is mystic

It can’t be denied that religion had influence and was a binding element which brought people together and motivated them.

They are so emotionally attached. Because of their togetherness, people easily believe what the leader said and any agreement happened between them. Religion forbids followers to ask questions, they were forced to accept because Humans has an imperfect knowledge. So a believer should have faith in his religion blindly.

As a second evidence which is also a sign of mystic believers there is the believe on authority. Religion never has the will to reconsider any theories, laws or rules. It’s different when it comes to science; a theory should be supported by evidence and than the theory can be changed if the evidence was stronger.

Many people believe, without religion, this is why the earth is being filled with chaos. There’s no humanity without God. In reality, most of the wars were caused because of religious beliefs. Regardless of whether religion exists or not, people will always be violent, greedy, and sadistic.

This proves to us that morality does not require any religious belief. The ability to differentiate right from wrong does not require any religious beliefs.

Atheism without Humanity

Atheist makes the world more efficient. No wasted time with religion, no religious leaders manipulating billions of people.
The reality is that not all Atheists are good people, such as atheist without humanity and mystic. Some people claimed that they never had mystical experiences, even if they were Atheists. Is it an awareness of being part of something larger than oneself?
But, is it possible to be a Mystic Atheist? What Can We Learn from the Mystics?
No. It’s really contr