Canadian government no longer investigating UFOs

[dropcap]Tracking[/dropcap] unidentified flying objects now seems to hold little interest for the Canadian government, according to documents obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Various federal agencies, including Transport Canada, the RCMP and the Department of National Defence, used to track and investigate UFO sightings to some degree, but documents obtained by CBC News suggest those days are over.

It’s now up to civilian volunteers to report what’s going on up in the sky.

Any information on UFO sightings received by the various agencies is passed on to Chris Rutkowski, a civilian science writer who has produced the Canadian UFO survey since 1989.

Rutkowski said the number of sightings is increasing across Canada. There are a growing number of videos on the internet and most can be explained — paper lanterns floating in the sky, flares or meteors — but some, cannot.

Several ufology experts, including Rutkowski, say if the number of sightings keeps rising, Ottawa will again have to pay attention.

Rutkowski painstakingly investigates the information passed on to him to ensure that any so-called unidentified objects are indeed unable to be explained. He receives so much information that he has only been able to investigate suspected sightings up until February 012.

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In 2011, Rutkowski said there were 980 sightings reported acr