Video: Hollywood actor Russell Crowe Claims To Have Caught a UFO on Camera

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ladiator Hollywood Actor laimed that a UFO was caught flying by his camera. He said that the object was flying with several lights on over Sydney’s Botanical Gardens few days ago. The clip of the alleged UFO sighting can now be seen on YouTube.

According to the Gladiator actor on his Twitter post, he and his friend put up a camera not to spot any UFO but to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. “This was a big surprise,” he added.

Crowe shared a link of the clip, which was posted by the user bearing the name “ParallelUniverse1234. It is not yet clear though if the account is own by the actor.

The video shows a different strange lights over a Botanical Gardens. Crowe’s Twitter followers asked him if it is possible that the lights were caused by lens flares or other usual event. He answered that it can’t be lens flare. He explained that his Canon 5D has no flash and the object was moving while the camera was fixed. Additionally, the camera is on a balcony and not behind glass.

He said that when he caught the video, he was around 250 metres from the gardens. Until now the flying objects on the video still remains a mystery to many but some social media users have doubts. One person commented that it could have been better if the video was not edited or raw footage has been shown.

Meanwhile Crowe has new film titled “Broke City.”