Video: The World’s Mysterious Places By Charishma Keerthi – part 4 of 7

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xplore amazing ancient wonders observed from space (with Google Earth).

Part 4

This compilation of the world’s most mysterious places on Google Earth includes:

  • Chankillo Observatory, Peru.
  • Caral, Peru.
  • Pueblo Bonita, New Mexico.
  • Cahokia, Illinois.
  • Old Sarum, England.
  • Pyramids of Guimar, Tenerife.
  • Adam’s Bridge, Indian ocean.
  • Persepolis, Iran.
  • Great Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq.
  • Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq.
  • The Arch at Ctesiphon, Iraq.