When Religion No Longer Supports Humanity

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday, we live in small planet overwhelmed with humanity troubles. Some people agree, those have made religion their way out. Others disagree. Life gives us many options, of course but at the end, we will figure out what is the best for each of us.
The Myth of Unconditional Love
On one hand, whom who believe in religion say it provides encouragement, hope, and love. On the other hand, we can see that the cause of many wars was religion. So, the question is: religion is it the best way to create a better world? Better human?

In fact, religion doesn’t teach us real love. It is actually based on comparing between who is better and who is more honest.

Let us take the Gaza Conflict as an example. Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for quite a few years. They are fighting for the Holy Land supremacy; does religion make that an excuse for fighting?

  • Religion is the heart of this conflict.

We can also see other countries like Indonesia where religion has become a fundamental element of life. Indonesian people have no options but being religious. Minority and majority are created in this case and each want to prove that they are the right ones. They fight in the name of God too. The result of the previous events will be a trigger for other violence.

Several questions appeared due to this case. Why can’t they be united? Which has the true God? Is there different gods? Or, is there are many gods? More than one god that all promised a land together as described in more than one bible.

Unconditional love: It’s a love with no boundaries no limits. It is not a religious approach. Religion creates a feeling full of guilt. Bad things happen to people because the only hope is to reach heaven, so they can’t do the “act of love” when it’s the most needed. This is so contradictory and not toler